Ensuring API Integrity

Cordoniq’s API-driven development model means reliable APIs  that won’t change or break with future updates to the platform.

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Integrate existing web apps

Is your favorite web product or service missing from your current video conferencing and collaboration solution?

Cordoniq’s video collaboration platform features a next-gen UX, that allows you to easily blend off-the-shelf web app solutions–including fully-gamified web services–directly inside the interface.

Integrate HR, sales, collaboration, productivity, training, onboarding solutions, and more into our platform for a complete experience that offers unparalleled control, functionality, and security.

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Build custom APIs

Though it’s very likely that our comprehensive APIs already cover most of your requirements, you may want to include additional ones that are narrowly specific to your company or industry. 

At Cordoniq, our software development team works with you to customize the user experience by building APIs that are specific to your requirements.

Leverage HTTP/Rest interfaces

Cordoniq includes easy-to-use interfaces built with HTTP/S and Rest along with standards-based OAuth/2. Additionally there are eventing, polling and web hook interfaces for real-time API control of the user experience.

picture of cordoniq solution
picture of cordoniq solution

Customize with Concierge Services

Whether you need assistance with using our open standards-based APIs with your product or service, or require custom middleware that bridges between our video collaboration platform and your product or service, Cordoniq provides concierge services to complete your collaboration platform experience.

Learn how Cordoniq enables faster and more efficient API integrations

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